Welcome to The Jedi Temple

Congratulations! You have passed the Jedi Trials, which is why I have been sent as an emissary from the Jedi Council who have deliberated long and hard, and it has been declared that, although clouded the future is, you are hereby elevated to the position of Jedi Knight, with all the rights, privileges and responsibilities this entails.

As a symbol of our faith in your ability to remain on the right path in your noble endeavours to obtain for the order the very best in collectable artefacts, from here on Coruscant, the Mid-Rim or even the Unknown Regions, we are providing you with an exclusive discount code, providing you with a 10% discount Site-wide slicer code (it is an old code, but it checks out!).


Many Bothans’ died to provide us with this information, so make sure you take full advantage of its powers, to reduce the outlay in credits for these highly sort after artefacts.

One final word of caution, our website guardian is related to a certain Toydarian hailing from Tatooine, not only do Jedi Mind Tricks not work on him, but your unique code is locked down to your entry code for StarWarsUniverse.shop, we cannot allow our products to get into the wrong hands, so if it is found on the Holonet or shared in any way that compromises the security of the Galaxy, the consequences will be severe for all involved.

Be mindful of your thoughts and as a great teacher once said ‘you must unlearn what you have learned’

You CAN and WILL have the greatest collection in the Sector and all with out a Moff in sight.!

.....But before you rush off to get your hands on amazing and carefully curated collection of collectables, read on my friends for our friends at Nemesis Now the designers of the amazing range 'The Original Stormtrooper' one of our only truly British Star Wars brands; have made available a box of their now out of print The Original Stormtrooper Magnets; and I am under strict orders that 66 of these (now where have I heard that number before) must be exchanged to spread the word of Rebellion far and wide - you must unlearn what you have learned and enjoy your visits to new home for hard to get merch!

So spread the word in three easy steps, and one of the magnets will be winging its way to you completely free of charge we will even arrange for it to arrive direct to your home, with no delivery charge.

The first step on the path to enlightenment is sharing:-

Tweet, Like, repost, friend or otherwise engage in some form of information sharing with your friends let everyone know, we are her and ready to fight tyranny and oppression, and yes telling your mates down the pub, at the gym or over a coffee at work. - As Winter would often remark to Leia 'It doesn't matter where you get your information, it only matters that get that information.,

step two - Knowledge, Sign up for our Newsletter (remember under the new laws this can only be sent to you once unless you create an account and consent to monthly marketing newsletters.

and the final step, empowerment - sign up for an account, update your marketing preferences, you will then be sent a code , simply add one magnet to your basket and enter the code that was sent to you when you signed up for your account and the checkout and the full value of the gift and shipping charges will be deducted. (if you are planning on ordering other items at the same time this product does not count towards the £50 minimum spend for free postage, so you may wish to do in two transactions)

That's it no strings attached, you can even come back once you have had your confirmation email and close you account if you wish, but of course we do hope to see you again from time to time.

Having survived both Echo Base and Celebration Europe at Excel, we are fully aware that Rebels, Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunters, Fans and any number of other Star Wars creatures and there admirers do tend to congregate in large groups, so we want to do something special for everyone.

So every Sunday until MCM Comicon @ Excel there will be a new code posted on one of our feeds (website, newsletter, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) every week will be different and will be valid from Monday-Friday.

This Week - Facebook

10% of the 5 most expensive things in your basket if you are a new customer. 


*one use by one human (sorry no droids and no bots allowed) with one account signup, we have systems in place to block fraudulent  claims.

You can of course return at any time to manage your preferences or close your account,.