Savage Opress

"You have grown so powerful."
"And I shall complete your training. Not as your brother–but as your 
―Savage Opress and his brother, Maul[11]

Savage Opress (pronounced /sə'vɑʒ oʊ'pres/) was the older brother of Maul and Feral. A Force-sensitiveDathomirianNightbrother, he became a Sith apprentice under CountDooku and later became a Sith Lord, apprenticed to Maul, who was a renegade Sith Lord during the Clone Wars.

Originally a tribal leader on Dathomir, Opress was handpicked by the NightsisterAsajj Ventress to become her "mate" and servant following her grueling tests of Selection, as part of her bid for revenge on her former Master, the Sith Lord Count Dooku. In accordance with their plot against Dooku, MotherTalzin and her Nightsister witches employed their dark magic to grant Opress fearsome abilities, such as a strong, raw connection to the Force and domineering physical power. After murdering his beloved brother Feral in a display of loyalty to Ventress, Opress entered the Clone Wars as a Dark Acolyte, serving as an enforcer in Dooku's Confederacy of Independent Systems.