The Flash

The Flash (or simply Flash) first appeared in DC Comics created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Harry Lampert. Nicknamed "the Scarlet Speedster", all incarnations of the Flash possess "superspeed", how they gained these powers differed from version to version..

There have been at least five different characters embraced by "the Speed Force", each becoming the Flash in DC's history: college athlete Jay Garrick (1940–1951, 1961–2011, 2017–present), forensic scientist Barry Allen (1956–1985, 2008–present), Barry's nephew Wally West (1986–2011, 2016–present), Barry's grandson Bart Allen (2006–2007), and Chinese-American Avery Ho (2017–present).

Recently The Flash has appeared in his own TV series (2014-2023) primarily focusing on Barry Allen played by Grant Gustin